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Affordable IVF? at AIRM

Dr. Hammond

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has the highest success rate of virtually any treatment for infertility. However, the process of undergoing IVF has traditionally required high doses of expensive fertility medications, frequent monitoring, and embryology laboratory fees. We are excited to offer a much more affordable option, Affordable IVF, which incorporates the embryo culture device INVOcell™. This IVF procedure is about one third the cost of conventional IVF, the medications for this procedure are only a fraction of the cost of conventional IVF, and fewer monitoring visits are required. Therefore, the total cost of Affordable IVF is several thousand dollars less than traditional IVF.

At AIRM, we realize that infertility treatments can be physically, emotionally, and financially stressful. We developed our Affordable IVF program to minimize each of these stressors. Our goal is to give every patient the opportunity to have IVF as a treatment option to build their family. 

So, what’s involved in Affordable IVF? The process begins with taking oral contraceptives to slow your own hormone production for a short period of time. Next, you will begin oral medications for a few days to stimulate your ovaries to grow follicles (egg sacs), followed by injectable medications to continue to follicle growth. When the follicles are big enough (meaning the eggs are mature), you will take another injection to induce the final maturation of the eggs about 35 hours before your oocyte retrieval. Upon arrival for the egg retrieval, you will be given oral medications to help you relax for the procedure, and your husband will collect his semen sample to be specially prepared. The procedure itself is guided by vaginal ultrasound, and a needle is inserted into each follicle to gently aspirate each egg. The retrieval generally takes only 5 to 10 minutes. While you rest, our embryologist will identify the eggs and then inject each one with a single sperm (intracytoplasmic sperm injection; ICSI) to facilitate fertilization. The injected eggs along with culture media will be placed into the inner chamber of the INVOcell device and then that chamber is put into the outer chamber sealing both tightly. Finally we will place the INVOcell and a retention device (similar to a diaphragm) into your vagina, and then you’ll be discharged home. You will begin daily progesterone injections the next day. Five days after the retrieval you will return to our office, the INVOcell will be removed, our embryologist will identify the embryos, and we will transfer an embryo into your uterus. The embryo transfer is guided by abdominal ultrasound, so you’ll need a full bladder. A pregnancy test will be done about a week and a half later. The entire process from beginning fertility medications to your pregnancy test is about four weeks. Most patients only need two monitoring visits, a visit for the retrieval, and a visit for the transfer before the pregnancy test.

Is Affordable IVF the right treatment for you? If you have been recommended to have IVF, you are most likely a candidate for Affordable IVF. Please schedule an appointment (205-307-0484) to see one of our providers to discuss how this treatment can give you a dream you can hold on to. 


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